Gremline la adapostul Glina, 2006/ Gremline at Glina shelter, 2006

Gremline la adapostul Glina, 2006/ Gremline at Glina shelter, 2006

vineri, 16 septembrie 2011

We are not doing great! ADOPTION APPEAL

Here, at Mutts of Romania, we are not doing great.

To begin with, we have plenty of stuff for sale that we invite you to place an order for if you want to express your support for our Mutts through a pleasurable shopping experience :-)

Secondly, we need adoptions from a distance. Not one animal has been adopted from a distance. The way we are going now, this is a slow suicide for the carers and for the animals protected inside this shelter.

We need people to visit us, to play with our Mutts for a couple of hours, to drop by donations of canned food, dog food, cat food, cat litter, rice, pasta, vegetables that can be included in the diet of dogs- such as carrots; bones, meat, and even human food leftovers that are safe for animal consumption. Come on, folks! We might be in the mountains, but it's only an hour away from Bucharest! Give us a call and schedule a visit! All welcome!

We were so badly let down by prospective international adopters that 'reserved' the litter of puppies underneath...6 months ago. They were supposed to go to Holland, and we turned down local adopters in the hope that the doggies would have more access to medical care and care in general in the Pays-Bas. Sure enough, after they became tall and sturdy like baby horses, after numerous pictures, stories and details about them were shared with the prospective families over a period of several months, after we gave them shots and wormed them ready to go, suddenly their parents-to-be cut all contact.

Now that means 7 dogs to give up for URGENT ADOPTION; anyone remotely familiar with the situation of rural animal rescuers in Romania knows that A SINGLE EXTRA DOG (let alone 7!!!) can mean the difference between fellow villagers being relatively cool with it or THROWING POISONED FOOD OVER THE FENCE (or food laced with ground glass, or acid, or, or...)

Please consider adopting these darling ex-babies (cat sneaked among them :-))!

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