Gremline la adapostul Glina, 2006/ Gremline at Glina shelter, 2006

Gremline la adapostul Glina, 2006/ Gremline at Glina shelter, 2006

joi, 5 mai 2011


 Tadgino & Mihaela (Mutts of Romania) isi cer scuze de intarziere in listarea obiectelor pentru vanzare la Targu' Catelului Maidanez si Corcit :-)

Astazi suntem la pichetare: iesim in strada, pe ploaie si vant, pentru a le spune politicienilor ca nu este acceptabil sa le mai faca copiilor lor bairamuri si case cu banii storsi in urma omorului cu bata in sac.

Spunem DA adoptiei, DA sterilizarii si returnarii. Spunem NU asa-zisei 'eutanasii' (aka omorul cu bata in sac, ploaia de gloante din masinile BMW pentru distractie, deja traditionala otrava a primarilor cuprinsi de harnicie si altele).

Fiecare corcitura de om poate sa ia o corcitura de animal acasa! Fiecare corcitura de om poate sa opreasca un codru de paine pentru o corcitura  mai mica. 

Tadgino & Mihaela (Mutts of Romania) apologize for the temporary delay in listing for preview the objects on sale at Mutts'Market.

Today we are going out in the streets, rain and wind notwithstanding, to give Romanian politicians the message that it is no longer acceptable (never really was) for them to pay for their offspring's lavish homes and parties with money piled from clubbing Mutts trapped in sackcloth bags.

We say a loud YES to adoption, YES to neuter-and-return programmes. 

We say NO to the so-called 'euthanasia', aka clubbing in sackcloth bags, spraying with bullets from BMW cars for entertainment and the poison that mayors spread generously in an already-traditional gesture of local administration. 

Because people are Mutts too, every human Mutt can adopt an animal Mutt and every human Mutt can share his/her leftovers with a smaller, more vulnerable animal Mutt.

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